4 Common Reasons You Might Want a New Job Or Career

4 Common Reasons You Might Want a New Job Or Career

As an employer, and a career coach, I have interviewed hundreds of new employees. Candidates for the job, come into my office, with various reasons why they are looking for a new job. After many years, I have found that there are common reasons why someone might want a new job. With that experience, I would like outline 4 reasons why you should consider a new job or career.

As we look at today’s work place and the employment market, there seems to be less loyalty of both the employee and the corporation to each other. The average tenure at a job varies from 2.5 years to 4 years, depending on the study. My father spent his entire 30 years at Mack Truck. For his generation that was common. My first recommendation is to stay at your current position until you have found a new job. Always give appropriate notice when resigning and be professional. Never make enemies! The average time today to find a job, when without one, is very long. In some pay scales, as much as 24 months can be common. Most employers would rather see you employed then unemployed for too long when considering hiring you.

What are the 4 common reasons you might consider a new job or career?

1. Change in family status.

You may have been single when you hired on at your current job. You now have a wife and children and your travel schedule is too heavy. If you are now gone most of the time away from home, consider a new position with less travel. You might have need of more money, as your family has grown. I have found that you can find a position and get a raise simply by going to another company.

2. Your job is unstable and in an industry that is going nowhere.

I understand that remaking yourself can be very challenging. I also find that too often people stay at their job too long and then get laid off and pigeon holed in an industry that is no longer viable. Look for a job that is more in a growth pattern, and in a progressive type industry. With the advent of the internet, certain technologies need to learned, and there are jobs aplenty within them.

3. You no longer have a passion for what you do.

When this occurs we get up in the morning and feel, oh no, not another day at this place. We get tired, stressed and our work performance drops in capacity and value. Once again, staying too long and getting laid off or fired, is not a good thing when wanting to change jobs or careers. You are more valuable when you are working to a new employer. When you are burnt out, move out; with a plan in place and goals to match.

4. You are no longer growing in your position.

Personal growth is important to all of us. When we have nothing new to look forward to, we will loose self confidence and interest. You may be more valuable to a new company and one that can use your talents. Maybe it is time to find a smaller company, which you can grow with and make a major impact on. Or a bigger company, that has more of a career path in line with your goals and expectations. Either way, take a personal inventory of yourself and see where you are and where you want to be.

There are other reasons, and one I briefly touched on was dollars and cents. I personally feel that money can be a good motivator, but transitioning to a new job just for money, isn’t a strong enough reason alone. You aligning with your passions and goals should be your driving force, as money will not make you happy by itself. Good luck in your job search.

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