5 Best Places to Get Coffee In Tagaytay City

5 Best Places to Get Coffee In Tagaytay City

Popular for its amazing scenery, restaurants, cool climate, and variety of accommodations, Tagaytay City in the Philippines is a favorite getaway for those who live in the city. After exploring and dining, there is no better way to relax than to hang out with your family and friends in a cafe to have a cup of freshly brewed coffee and some good conversation. But where do you go, other than your hostel in Tagaytay? Here are some great suggestions.

Bag of Beans Coffee Shop

This coffee place also doubles as a restaurant and pastry shop. If the warm and native-inspired interiors do not win you over, their fresh and aromatic brews will. It’s better to come here during weekdays because it is usually packed with city folks during weekends. If you want to have a nice place to relax, enjoy the quiet, read a book, be alone with your thoughts, or blog peacefully, this is your place. Aside from coffee blends, there are also yummy steaks and desserts like pies and banana shake. The food is reasonably priced and more affordable compared to the big coffee chains.

Java Jazz Coffee Shop

This place offers authentic Filipino brewed coffee and even green tea. Java Jazz has a warm atmosphere to it. People come here to enjoy the freshly poured cups of coffee and their freezing cool counterparts. They also sell home-baked cookies, pastries, and hot meals. There is an art gallery inside the coffee shop called ‘Sining sa Sahig’ or art on the floor, where local paintings are showcased.

Rosso Cafe

Located inside a popular bed and breakfast in Tagaytay City, Rosso Cafe is a simple yet charming spot to have a fresh cup and more. This place is a suitable alternative if Bag of Beans is packed or closed. They serve chilled ice coffee and frappes that are very satisfying.


Rowena’s has its own unique blend of local coffee such as the Benguet brew, Sagada shade grown, Ifugao limited blend, and Kaling-ga dark roast. This place also serves dishes like Bulalo, chicken salad, sweet and spicy fish fillet, and desserts.


Dubbed as ‘The Filipino Coffee Destination’ due to its wide array of local brews and blends, Filibeans serve regular blends, frappes, and pies. But people seem to go crazy for Coffee Alamid. It is a type of coffee from wild civet droppings found in the mountains. It is rare, exotic, and is said to be the most expensive coffee in the world. This should be enough reason to clear your schedule, book a full weekend in any accommodation in Tagaytay City, Philippines, and experience this world-renowned coffee drink.

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