7 Keys To Choosing The Right Travel Nurse Agency

7 Keys To Choosing The Right Travel Nurse Agency

If you are a licensed nurse and have considered becoming a traveling nurse, you must find a traveling nurse agency to work with. A good traveling nurse agency will help you find the right job that commensurate your experience, specialty, location, and of course, expected pay. There are a lot of traveling nurse agencies operating in the U.S. today. And a lot of them have the common task of providing jobs to traveling nurses.

But there are things that make a traveling nurse agency different from another. And these would be the things that they are willing to provide for the nurses that are listed under them. Some of the perks that you want to enjoy with your traveling nurse agency is as follows:

1. Furnished housing facilities. Since your job takes you from state to state, it would be nice if your travel nurse agency would assist you in finding the perfect place to stay. By perfect place, it should mean very comfortable living in proximity to the workplace.

2. Relocation assistance. Should you need to go to another hospital on the same state, you might find the need to relocate. A comprehensive relocation assistance package for every new job provided you took from your traveling nursing agency. This will ensure you a pleasant and smooth transition from one job to another every time.

3. Comprehensive benefits. Salary is not all that is important when taking a job. The same is true with traveling nurses. Since traveling nurses don’t have a permanent position in a particular hospital or health care institution, it is a must that a lot of other benefits are given to them. Benefits include their own health care assurance, pension plan, comprehensive insurance package, and a whole lot of others.

4. Personalized assistance. A traveling nurse’s main job is to provide patients with the health care they need. But when it comes to matters about their job, it is important that they are assisted in a personal level as well. The traveling nurse agency you should choose, should be a company that takes care of their nurses in a more individualize way.

5. Continuing Education Credits. There are a lot of cases that a traveling nurse would like to add a whole new specialty to their expertise level. In doing so, they are required to undergo certain educational modules so that they can get credits. When the traveling nurse agency you choose include this on their list of benefits and you are willing to pursue additional training then that traveling nurse agency is for you.

6. Travel Expense Reimbursement. It is going to cost you a lot if you need to fly from Seattle to Florida just to take a nursing job. This happens when there are not much high paying jobs to take or you simply wanted to go there to work. With a travel expense reimbursement plan, you need not worry about the cost of airfare, because you are going to be paid back what you have spent to assume a traveling nurse position.

7. Assistance with Credentials. There are a lot of states that you would need to apply for a license before you can take a job with them. Personally applying for such licenses is a big inconvenience. But if your traveling nurse agency is willing to do that for you, then you can virtually work in any state you wish to work at.

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