Baguio City – The Perfect Place For Relaxation and Leisure

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People come to Baguio for many reasons- food, culture, education and most especially for its tourist attractions. There are a lot of places to visit whenever one is in Baguio. Among these include Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, Mines View and the Mansion House. All of these places have been known to attract a lot of tourists and locals alike throughout the year.

The most frequented place however, has got to be Burnham Park. Named after Daniel Burnham, a city planner who helped to conceptualize how the city looks like today. Once in Burnham Park, the first thing you will notice would be the man-made lake in the middle. Here, there are colorful and creative boats for those who want to relax and try boating. Bike rentals are available as well as a children’s playground for those interested in strolling around the park. The advantage of this place is that you don’t have to spend a lot in order to enjoy yourselves; all you need is a bit of curiosity and excitement to experience all of the fun this park has to offer.

Another frequently visited tourist attraction is the Camp John Hay. This was a former American rest and recreational site but is now open to the general public. Today, the place has log cabins that can be leased, a series of shops and restaurants, a hotel and even a golf course. A few kilometers from Camp John Hay is Mines View Park. At the edge of this park is a view deck, which offers visitors a beautiful panoramic view of what used to be mines of gold and copper. There are plenty of souvenir stalls and small eateries along the road and steps leading up to the view deck. On the way to Mines View, you can pass by the Mansion house and the Wright Park. The Mansion house is usually the residence of the Philippine president when in Baguio. Meanwhile, Wright Park offers horseback riding and a few other small souvenir stalls.

These tourist attractions aren’t the only places to visit when in the city. There are more sites and sounds to be discovered, all within and around the lovely city of Baguio. With friendly faces and cool breeze of the mountain air, Baguio can be an ideal place to relax and unwind. Indeed through the years, Baguio has secured its reputation as the “Summer capital of the Philippines” -a place for leisure and relaxation for all. Baguio continues to develop itself further while trying to retain its beauty, and that may well be what attracts more and more people to this city. Though in the hearts of the people, the Baguio whether of today, yesterday or tomorrow, will always be the Baguio they love.

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