Cameroon Travel Experience

Finding a good travel agent for Cameroon can help you solve many problems you would usually encounter when planning a tour to this African country. An agent is a professional with profound knowledge of the local tourism industry.

Cameroon is a popular African country, frequently visited by thousands of tourists from around the world. The climate is wet equatorial in the south, and arid subequatorial in the north. In the Cameroon highlands, it is a bit cooler. Rain falls during the wet season from September to November and from April to June. In the north, there is the influence of the Sahara. North winds bring heat. The nature of the country is very diverse and offers the traveler an opportunity to visit several natural areas at a time – from the humid equatorial forests on the Atlantic coast to the typical African savannah and semi-desert in the north. Cameroon is extremely diverse in terms of its nature. The most famous national parks include de Korup, Waza, Bubanjida, Benue, Campo, Kousseri and others.

The capital of the country, Yaounde, is located in the picturesque hills, among lush tropical forests. The city is home to government offices, modern industry, university and research institutes. The largest city of Cameroon is Douala, with about half a million inhabitants. This is the economic capital of the country, its major seaport and industrial center. Yaounde is one of the most quiet and peaceful African capitals. Almost the entire city is located along the main street, Kennedy Avenue, and the surrounding hills. To the north of the Kennedy Square, a large craft and shopping district is located. It is famous for its products of local craftsmen and artists.

Mokolo and Briketeri are the best places to enjoy Cameroonian cuisine and watch the life of local residents. A few kilometers north of Benedictine Monastery one will find Cameroon Museum of Art. Despite its small size, it has a beautiful collection of Cameroon and Western art, including ceremonial items and masks, weapons and ornaments of the local tribes. Daula is the largest and oldest city in the country, with many buildings in colonial style, the Museum of Daula and the huge open market, the best place to buy local souvenirs. Fumban is one of the best recreation centers in the country and an important center of traditional national art. Jewelry is exhibited in the Museum of Arts.

Buea, the former capital of the German protectorate of Western Cameroon, currently serves as the best starting point of trips to the scenic Mount Cameroon, one of the main natural attractions of the country. From a platform at the Mountain Hotel, there opens a panorama overlooking the city. The mountain is covered with evergreen tropical forests and emerald green alpine meadows.

Kribi is the best seaside resort, and it has kilometers of white sand beaches and numerous restaurants, bars, discos as well as well-equipped aquatic centers, particularly attractive to fishermen.

The Bafoussam district is known for the volcanic deposits of salt and a unique composition of almost all known minerals. In the future, it may be one of the best spa resorts in Africa.

Lake Oku is a beautiful lake surrounded by green forests. Here, one can take a motorcycle taxi and travel to the Oku Forest. Many rare species of flora and fauna can be found in the forest. Of course, one can also swim in the lake.

Oka area is home to the settlement of the Fulani people, and you will pass through their land while walking in the area. The main attractions of these places include the magnificent scenery and views, diversity of cultures, and the people involved in agriculture, corn growing and coffee industry.

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