Cheap London Hotels

According to online hotel reservation service Hotel.Info, the average price per night for a room is about £115. Therefore, places offering accommodation for less are considered cheap hotels in London. It’s often best to start by looking for one-star, two-star or three-star hotels in London. Hotel.Info says the average UK room prices for these are £52 per room/night for one-star hotels, £70 for two-star hotels and £80 for three star hotels.

Cheap London hotels include large hotel chains such as Travelodge, Premier Inn, Holiday Inn, Ibis, Easyhotel and Novotel, all of which offer affordable and discounted rooms in a wide range of London areas. Or you can look in a specific area for an independent budget option. is a great resource and if you have friends or relatives who live in London, why not send them out to do some local research as well?

Most cheap hotels in London, especially at the chains, will provide all the basics you need such as your own bathroom, soap, bedding and towels. But make sure you check what’s provided with the specific hotel when you book, in case you do need to bring some of your own kit.

If you’re looking for cheap London Hotels, you might also consider youth hostels, backpacker accommodation, home stays and self-catering apartments in your search. It’s always worth checking out the various options before you book a room, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal on the accommodation that’s right for you.

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