Choose Style and Comfort by Staying at a Luxury Hotel in Rotorua

There are some parts of the world that have a magnetic effect. If you check out the international tourism statistics you’ll be able to identify just which towns and cities around the world experience forever increasing visitor numbers. It’s these parts of the world that remain at the top of people’s lists when it comes to travelling.

What makes a town or city internationally famous is generally the uniqueness on offer. Whether it be the scenery, activities or sights and sounds, there is certain appeal that many other parts of the world can’t compete with.

Even the smallest cities in some of the most under populated countries can drive in a huge number of tourists every year. One town that certainly fits into this category is New Zealand’s very own Rotorua. Also known as “Sulphur City”, Rotorua has catered to hoards of visitors for decades. This has placed a lot of pressure on the accommodation industry. Whether it’s a motel, backpackers, bed and breakfast or a luxury hotel in Rotorua, you’ll find no one in the hospitality market twiddling their thumbs.

So why do so many people flock to Rotorua? The answer is attractions and events. Other than the obvious unique attraction of being rich in Maori culture, Rotorua also has some of the biggest and most popular events in the Southern Hemisphere. From sport and fishing to expos and cultural events to fashion and conventions – Rotorua has it all.

If there’s one type of event other than cultural shows that springs to the mind of New Zealanders, it’s mountain biking and cycling. Rotorua is surrounded by forests and hills and it’s amongst these areas of the city that Rotorua often puts on a big show. People from all over the world are booking into a motel or even a luxury hotel in Rotorua when they enter top class, highly competitive mountain bike events. They take part in New Zealand’s highly famous Redwoods Forest Park, which has an array of some of the world’s leading mountain bike tracks.

During August Rotorua plays host to the NDuro Mountain Bike Series, which is New Zealand’s most popular series on one of the world’s finest single tracks. Then there’s the Kiwibikes Singlespeed World Mountain Biking Champs in October. Both of these events attract large numbers, all of whom end up staying at a bed and breakfast, motel or a luxury hotel in Rotorua. Whenever you visit this thriving city, you’re sure to arrive when there is a great event taking place.

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