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The Cullen Group, also known as the Cullen Test of English, is a testing program developed to measure fluency in conversational English. Developed by William Cullen, this test has been used for many years by both teachers and school authorities. It assesses students’ ability to use the English language and communicate in a clear and efficient manner. The test is administered mainly to children, although adults may take it.


The main aim of the Cullen Test of English is to evaluate how well students grasp written and verbal skills and their ability to construct sentences and paragraphs that contain all the necessary information. It also evaluates their pronunciation and comprehension skills. The test consists of two parts, the Verbal section and the Writing section. Students are tested on both parts at the same time. In the verbal part, they are required to carry out a series of questions using a list, and answer them in as much detail as possible. They are also asked to make a series of facial expressions, to indicate whether they understand what they have read or spoken about.


Writing is not as easy as answering questions from a list. Students must create a detailed essay that details the main topic of the essay and expound upon their understanding of the topic. The essay is normally constructed on a particular word or phrase that the writer is required to demonstrate mastery of. For students who score well in the oral section of the test, this fluency within speech will translate into understanding and speaking fluent English.


The reading section of the exam provides a different type of assessment. Students are required to complete a sequence of printed pages, reading from left to right, with each page accompanied by an answering prompt. Students are assessed on how well they understand the content and structure of the text, as well as the spelling and punctuation. As the student completes the test, the instructor can mark them as having fluency within speech, as well as provide feedback on their reading and writing skills. Students are also asked to describe their sense of content knowledge, and to describe their reading level. Read more about COVID-19 antibody rapid test


In the writing section of the exam, students are required to complete a prose document, which typically consists of a short article, poem or essay. Much like the reading portion of the test, students must first articulate their thoughts and then write prose to support their statements. Students also are evaluated on how well they construct and articulate their arguments. Again, much like the reading portion of the test, those who score highly in the writing section will demonstrate fluency within speech and understand the concepts and ideas being presented.


The Covert Hypnosis tests are administered in a controlled and laboratory-like environment and are designed to present real information in an accurate and timely manner. This provides a unique opportunity for students to gain insight into the human mind and assess their own ability in the areas of their knowledge. By taking a few minutes to review the information provided in these types of tests, students will increase their chances of passing the test by several points. The time spent reviewing is well worth the effort, as students will gain significant insight into how the brain operates and how to enhance their own cognitive powers.

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