December – A Great Time For a New Job

People often think that December is the wrong time to find work, because “who leaves a job at the holidays” or because “bonuses are pending” but that’s definitely not the truth. Far too often, people decide to put their job hunt on hold between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, but that’s a huge mistake. Although new budgets often take effect in January, HR teams receive job requisitions for budgeted new spots much earlier than that, and it’s quite likely that waiting until January might mean that someone else got the job of your dreams.

It’s also very likely that you might be one of the few qualified applicants for a great job when you’re interviewing in December, simply because other candidates think it’s a bad time to hunt. After all, positions become open for a variety of reasons: people find better opportunities or they move or even get promoted. With the economy starting to recover, more work equals new jobs, but this is definitely a case of being in the right spot at the right time.

There are also many personal benefits to continuing a job search at this time of year, such as avoiding holiday depression simply by being dressed each day and feeling a sense of worth. Let’s also remember that being active is powerful – and being home depressed, simply waiting for the calendar to change to January can feel really powerless. There are also many hidden opportunities to being out there job hunting. Even if you’re not chosen, for instance, you might be offered temp work or freelance assignments, which can lead to networking opportunities and of course INCOME. And we know that someone who is already employed, even in a temporary capacity, is a far more attractive hire than someone who isn’t.

There are also some very unique opportunities in December — holiday parties, for instance, are a great time for networking. You never know who will be there or what opportunities they might have opening up at their company – so be sure to remain professional and poised at all times – this isn’t the time to take risks or be the life of the party! And definitely have business cards with your contact info in your pocket.

The bottom line is that December is absolutely the wrong time to take a break from your job hunt and kick back to enjoy the holidays or regroup. Although it’s easy to fool yourself and believe that if you still have severance pay coming or unemployment available, don’t let that thought get you. Don’t take that break. There will be MUCH more competition in January, when people traditionally make resolutions to change jobs or start to look around. Add to the mix that there are also fresh mid-year grads coming out of college who are ready to begin their search.

The bottom line is this: the only “right” time to look for a new position is always RIGHT NOW. And the only “wrong” time is LATER. There are no excuses or roadblocks that we should let stop us from looking for great new opportunities. After all, life is simply too short to be miserable in our jobs.

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