Discovering Historical Tuscany Villas

Discovering Historical Tuscany Villas

There aren’t many other vacations you can take that will give you as great an experience as you’ll have in Chianti. Renown for its beauty, the Chianti area of Tuscany villas is often cited as the most beautiful region in Tuscany. Chianti is an ideal location for a vacation with offerings such as wine tasting tours, beautiful farm holidays and an extraordinarily gorgeous countryside.

Chianti, Tuscany is definitely a territory to discover. Chianti consists of most of the land between Florence and Siena as well as to Val d’Elsa on the west and Valdarno on the east. Wine region forms a large part of the Chianti landscape, thus attracting a vast number of visitors to sample the wine.

Chianti: just hearing the name brings to mind the different delicious types of Chianti wine. Often when people hear specific terms like “Chianti Senese”, they think a region of the city is being described when they’re actually referring to a specific wine or a specific wine’s origin.

So, what makes Chianti such a beautiful region of Tuscany villas and why do so many people choose holidays in Chianti as their vacation choice? Memorable moments can be found in the famed wine varieties, the beautiful landscapes and the comfortable (yet affordable) holiday rentals, leading people to keep choosing farm vacations in Chianti.

Farm holidays in Chianti inspire photographs so beautiful they become keepsakes. The beautiful countryside of Chianti includes green rolling hills filled with olive groves, vineyards, quaint parishes, small stone villages and countryside homes built in stone. The entire region of Chianti is like a postcard come to life. The excellent pricing on Tuscany vacation rentals is another bonus of visiting Chianti or spending holidays in Chianti. They aren’t just the average accommodations you’d find anywhere. Tuscan vacation rental options range from large to small and often consist of renovated farmsteads or villas that now include the latest in modern amenities like porch balconies, blue pools, and views of the surrounding landscapes.

Spending a holiday on a farm is known as a Tuscany villas. But seasoned travelers in this region understand that Chianti farm vacations have even more to offer. Renovated farmhouses that now serve as vacation apartments and villas are great places to stay during the holidays. Florence, Lucca, Siena, Volterra, San Gimignano are popular art cities to visit while holidaying in Chianti.

Be sure to book some time in Chianti, where you’ll eat well, drink fine wine, and be surrounded by amazing beauty. Check out advertisements on Tuscany vacation rentals from either your real estate agent or from online sources, and you will find that these rentals will offer you an incredibly exciting vacation. You’ll also find that few things will bring the joy and comfort as spending holidays in Chianti.

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