Dying to Experience Fine Art and Culture? Explore These Interesting Museums in Czech Republic

Twenty years after it split with Slovakia, Czech Republic is now on its way to becoming the best tourist destination in Europe. This small country lies at the heart of Europe, sharing borders with other EU countries such as Germany, Slovakia, Austria and Poland, making it one of the most accessible places in this region. Experienced travelers would find it easy touring around this quaint little country using bus, car, train, tram or even bicycle. However, if you want to concentrate on this country’s historical and cultural heritage, dropping by some interesting museums in Czech Republic would be an amazing experience.

Well known for its rich history, Czech Republic boasts many famous attractions. Prague Castle is one of the many tourist destinations in the capital city of Prague. At almost 700 meters long and 130 meters in width, it is considered the largest ancient castle in the world according to Guinness World Record, and one of the oldest in Europe. You can find several interesting museums in Czech Republic within the walls of Prague Castle, one of which is the National Gallery Collection of Bohemian Baroque.

Another must-see museum is the National Technical Museum which puts on display old materials and transport devices such as bikes, old cars, trains, planes, and cameras. However, this museum’s true worth is its historical building, dating back to 1930’s. Music lovers will never get bored in the next museum lined up. Mozart Museum, designed and built as a tribute to the renowned musician, offers a glimpse of musical art through scores, records, compositions and musical instruments.

There is also a great place for all art enthusiasts. The Museum of Decorative Arts definitely lives up to its name as it displays Czech figurines, porcelain, wood and crystal carvings in different eras in Czech history – truly something you should not miss. If you are still not satisfied so far, visit one of the most interesting museums in Czech Republic, the Wax Museum. It is world famous for its flawless replicas of people and things. This museum is a recommended itinerary in every Czech tour guide. You will truly be amazed with each item’s craftsmanship and the life it seems to have.

Moving away from Prague, there are still a number of interesting museums in Czech Republic. One attraction is the Moravian Regional Museum in the state of Moravia. It exhibits arts, coins, wild games, stuffed birds, and things which describe how their people have lived through the years. If you are into science, you might consider visiting Augustinian Monastery where Gregor Mendel, Father of Genetics, was born. Early experiments and studies in the said field are displayed for public viewing.

Aside from museums, attractions in the Czech countryside include beer, spa, and entertainment industries. These often keep tourists relaxed and comfortable in their stay after tiresome trips around cities. After relieving yourself, you can get back into action visiting more crowded cities in this country. Tourists who have ample time might also try to visit countries such as Germany and Poland which are just beyond Czech Republic’s boundaries. You do not only save more money because of cheap transport, it also makes the most out of your European escapade.

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