Explore Europe by Train

Train travel is no longer a thing of the past or the domain of young backpackers.

With a European inter-rail pass anyone can explore Europe from the comfort

of a train.

There are so many wonderful places to visit in Europe and the train really is

one of the best ways of getting around. It can deliver right to the

destination of your choice and when you have seen all you want

to see can carry you swiftly and comfortably onto your next destination.

From the fjords of Scandinavia to the beaches of the Costa del Sol. From

the Parthenon in Athens to the Kasbah in Marrakech it is all within

your grasp. Discover the beautiful Dordogne or visit the art galleries

of Florence, ski one day in the Alps and be on the beach at St. Tropez the next.

You can even visit some of the lesser known areas of Europe such as the Rila

Mountains of Bulgaria or visit Bran Castle in Romania, the reputed home

of Count Dracula.

A European rail pass can be valid for up to 29 countries for up to one month so it gives you

incredible flexibility to go where you want to go, when you want to go there.

It includes all the main European countries and North Africa as well.

Modern trains are now swift and comfortable, gone are the days of bone

shaking and hard, uncomfortable seats, you will be travelling in style

without the stress of driving or the delays and interminable queues

that flying so often involves. Plan your own itinerary and travel

to the destinations of your choice for one all inclusive price.

You can also book a couchette so you can travel to your next port of call

whilst asleep and arrive refreshed and ready to go.

There are 8 different zones to choose from,

A, Ireland

B, Sweden, Finland and Norway,

c,Germany, Denmark,Austria and Switzerland,

D,Bosnia-Herzogovina,The Czech Republic and Croatia

E,France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxumbourg.

F,Spain, Portugal and Morocco,

G,Italy, Greece and Turkey,

H,Romania, Bulgaria,Serbia and Montenegro

A European inter-rail pass for one zone will last for 16 days for 2 zones

is valid for 22 days and for the really intrepid traveller you can purchase a

rail pass to all 29 zones which lasts for 1 month.

Explore Europe by Train-Inter-Rail Pass Rates.

1 zone under 26 — 145.00 pounds over 26– 215.00 pounds Child– 108.00 pounds.

2 zones under 26 — 205.00 pounds over 25– 295.00 pounds Child– 148.00 pounds

All zones under 26 –285.00 pounds over 26– 405.00 pounds Child– 203.00 pounds.

Child rates apply from 4-11 years, under 4’s go free.

So “let the train take the strain” and enjoy exploring Europe by train. The

only real problem is that with such a wealth of sites and wonderful places

to visit how do you decide where to go first!

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