Family Holidays in New Forest

The New Forest is an area in southern England which is mostly covered by forests, heath lands and pastures. The natural beauty of this area is mostly untouched by humans making it a habitat for many rare animals and species. Along with a wide area of forests and woodlands, New Forest includes many towns and villages; Lyndhurst, Abbotswell, Hythe, Fordingbridge, Frogham, Hyde, Stuckton, Ringwood, Beaulieu, Bransgore, Lymington and few others. The New Forest National Park was created to preserve the beauty and eco system of the area. The Park covers almost all of the area of the New forest. This natural setting of this area makes it an attractive tourist point. Many tourists come to visit and relax in the greens of New Forest. These visitors find suitable accommodations for themselves in Lyndhurst hotels, Brockenhurst hotels and Lymington hotels.

New forest is a wonderful place to bring your family on a vacation. This close to nature trip will provide a rewinding experience to the children and adults alike. There are many attractions for the whole family to enjoy together and cherish forever. A few miles from the town of Lyndhurst, you can take a trip to the New Forest reptile centre, the reptiles are really mysterious creatures and children are always curious to know about them. Your children will really enjoy this learning trip and you as well will get a chance to learn a lot.

Furzey Garden are another mentionable attraction near the town of Lyndhurst, the garden has a unique year round beauty, fine art gallery, coffee shop and tree house for the kids to enjoy. If you want to stay near these attractions then make sure you make your reservations in one of the Lyndhurst hotels. Among the famous Lyndhurst hotels are the Crowne hotel, the Knightwood hotel, Lyndhurst Park hotel and the limewood hotel.

The New Forest water Garden near the town of Lymington is the New forest’s largest water garden. You can see many animals such as ducks, chicken goats and many wildlife animals also. The garden has many ponds and pools. You can also buy equipment to make a pond in your own house. Another worth visiting places near Lymington, the town capital of New Forest, are the spinner garden, St.Barbe Museum and art gallery and the Applecourt garden and nursery. If you want to spend time in these amazing places then you will have to choose your residence in one of the Lymington hotels. Among popular Lymington hotels are the golfers Reach hotel, the Hackenery Park Hotel and the Sway Manor hotel.

Beaulieu is a place near the town of Brockenhurst that you can not miss. National Motor Museum, Palace House and Beaulieu Abbey are places to enjoy for all ages. It is the real place to be for automobile aficionados and even the children can drive the wheels of mini motors around. To enjoy these offerings of the New Forest you need to stay in a nearby Brockenhurst hotel. Popular Brockenhurst hotels include The Beaulieu Hotel, The water spa hotel, The Rhinefield house hotel and the Whitely Ridge hotel.

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