Fanning Island – 3 Things I Loved About This Island

Fanning Island is an amazing island to visit, not many cruise ships still go there, but some are still offered; if you choose to include it on your itinerary, you won’t be sorry. Below you will discover 3 things I loved about Fanning Island and why I recommend visiting it someday. It may be a long trip for only getting to spend the day there, but that will be a good day.

1. Remote and Peaceful: Because Fanning Island is essentially located in the middle of nowhere, or rather the middle of the ocean and is so small, it doesn’t get any more remote and peaceful than this place. It is so small in fact that it is at risk of extinction if the water levels keep rising. But for now, the beautiful circular island features palm trees lining up all that way around and is an amazing sight to see as you start to approach it after a full day and night at sea.

2. Authentic Island Living: The culture and people who live on Fanning Island are fascinating and they greatly appreciate the visitors who come to see their beautiful home and buy their well crafted souvenirs. The people are friendly and very open to outsiders who come to see their home and put on musical shows to entertain. They do feature a post office too, but it takes quite some time for letters to make it to your destination.

3. Dreamy Blue Lagoon: The most amazing feature of this island is its dreamy blue lagoon that makes up the center, as the island circles around it. Visitors can enjoy a lovely swimming spot while sipping drinks from pineapples and coconuts. Your cruise ship docks away from the island and you are tendered in on smaller boats, the cruise ship actually looks massive compared to this little island; truly showing how fragile this piece of land, this home to many, really is.

Go to Fanning Island and see this amazing place for yourself. It is remote and peaceful and you’ll get to see first hand authentic island living. Visitors don’t get to actually stay overnight on the island, but the day you do get to relax there is still well worth it. The dreamy blue lagoon that adorns the center is not like anything you’ve ever seen before and it will continue to be in your dreams long after you have left this amazing island and its people.

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