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Maybe the complications of a golfing trip just do not appeal to you, so you could consider a fly and stay golf trip. These packages are meant for those who want a quick getaway from the pressures of work, and really do not wish to spend hours and days on planning. Here is a little more on such options for your golfing getaway:

A little on planning the trip

You will find a number of service providers for the fly and stay golf packages. When you check out the prices on the net, bear in mind that the pricing is per person, and not per couple as is with conventional hotel bookings. This means a price tag of 175 could add up to three hundred and fifty dollars if you take your spouse along. That?s just a sample number, and do not fret if you cannot afford three fifty a night, there is something for everyone out there to suit every budget.

Scotia travel is a leading provider where fly and stay golf trips are concerned. Their services include the Islay and Machrihanish options to choose from.

Maybe if you prefer the Islay break, you need to be prepared to spend about $293 for a day visit, and that is in the months of October to April. The same would cost you 706$ if you were to stay for two nights at the location. When you consider this includes your travel and three rounds of golf, you may feel it is well worth the money. Again, never forget the golf visit rates are on a per person basis so they double when you take a spouse with you irrespective of the fact that he or she may not even be a player of the sport. This may seem a little on the high side monetarily, but remember, you wont have to spend on anything else.

Getting hold of a good fly and stay golf service is not very easy since there is not much publicity regarding the same. Maybe you could get in touch with a travel agent, who could arrange the trip for you quickly, and speed is what you want when you require a quick holiday.

It is obvious to anyone that the best thing about fly and stay packages is that you do not take the time to make separate hotel bookings, worry about transport and you have your tee off time prepared for you. But do get a good look at the services provided within the package before you commit to one. Some folks may want unlimited golf time, and many providers do not offer this unless you pay more. Although you do not want to waste time preparing for the trip, reading through the services list is the least you can do to make sure there are no tiresome surprises in store when you arrive.

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