Freiburg – Spectacular Gateway to the Black Forest

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Freiburg known as the “Jewel of the Black Forest” is the gateway to a life that is far from the clutches of time, and this is where a journey into the heart of the black forest begins. Sitting right at the edge of the Black Forest, Freiburg beckons the discerning eye with its bag of charms. From the iconic Martinstor (Martin’s Gate) to the Cathedral Square and the tiny water rills of B√§chle, originally part of the city’s water supply, the city seems to hold everyone spellbound in its splendor.

The essence of a trip to this region lies in unraveling the mysteries and the jewels that adorned the rich historic past of Freiburg. One such mysterious path leads straight to the Schlossberg (Fortified Castle). Situated east of Freiburg’s Old Town, the Schlossberg is a hill at an altitude of 456m (1,496 ft) that hides within its womb many a fortified structure dating back to the 11th century.

Freiburg seems to be caught somewhere deep within a time warp, and a walk into some of its neighborhoods, such as Altstadt (old town), with pedestrian shopping streets is not to be missed. Wiehre, overlooking River Dreisam, dotted with 18th century buildings and G√ľnterstal, famous for its arboretum containing 1,300 tree and shrub species from 5 continents, are definitely a must-visit.

The vibrant feel of a sleepy town sounds almost like an oxymoron, but that is what the mystical secret of Freiburg is. A ride in the classic streetcar is medicine for the romantics, while a tour to the famous and tempting vineyards like the villages of Opfingen, Tingen and Munzingen along with a taste of some of the finest wines is simply more than just a thirst quenching experience.

Is that all? Listen deeply to the sound of Freiburg – the sound of the Cuckoo clocks! The Cuckoo clock became famous because of the small Cuckoo that appears from a trap door and makes a sweet call as soon as the clock strikes 12. A visit to the clock museum at Furtwangen will open the doors to the world and history of Cuckoo clocks. The Cuckoo clocks were first built in the realms of the Black Forest in the early 18th century and even today when you walk through the forest, you can hear the Cuckoo call!

There is no better place to start out on your Germany holidays than with a visit to the Black Forest. And your best introduction to this region lies in Freiburg!

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