Going Cheap For Your Manila Hotels in the Philippines

Going Cheap For Your Manila Hotels in the Philippines

Looking for Cheap Manila Hotels?

A frequent traveler will always find ways to maximize their budget when traveling. One of the most important options for this is finding a cheap hotel accommodation for their journey. Manila, the national capital of the Philippines, and its nearby municipalities are known to offer a variety of hotels and lodging options to suit all travelers alike, whether for business or leisure. Below is a run-down of the most frequent kinds of accommodations available in the city capital which will definitely make a traveler think more about going cheap.


One of the most common places to find hotels that go cheap is along Roxas Boulevard, mostly facing the famous Manila Bay. It may be intimidating to see high-rise hotels in this area but comparing further, you will discover that there are also good hotel accommodations that are considered as budget-friendly. It may be because that the Ermita and Malate areas, not too far from the said boulevard, is part of the ‘tourist belt’ which give wide options for tourists to book hotels depending on their allotted allowances for hotel accommodation.


If you’re pretty much into hopping from one tourist locations to another, a motel is probably one of the most popular alternatives in booking cheap lodging accommodations. Because of its minimum of 3-hour to 24-hour rate package, anyone can budget not just their money but also their time through this option. Motels can usually be found at Pasig near Ortigas area and Pasay, which is a stone’s throw away from Roxas Boulevard.


If you’re in Makati, you will notice that there is a fusion of condominiums and hotels (thus coining the term ‘condotels’) in this premier business district of Metro Manila. A condotel is similar to the amenities of a hotel but may be rented with rates for daily, weekly, and even monthly schemes. They also come fully-furnished with kitchen equipments, cooking wares, and even utensils. This cuts down on food budget and dining out because anyone can cook up a meal in their own room through this dwelling.

Pension Houses

Commonly found in Ermita and Malate areas, it gives a more unique characteristic than most hotels and other accommodations available because these are lodgings transformed from old houses or mansions to pension houses making it fuss-free and low-key, not to mention, cheap.

Exploring the available accommodations in Manila may be an unforgettable experience itself alongside the usual travel itinerary. Choosing an affordable but comfortable place to crash in by going through the sights, sounds, and culture of this country’s capital makes it a worthwhile adventure. Now this only gives tribute to ‘hitting two birds with one stone’, a true-blue cheapskate traveler’s principle.

So, are you ready to hit the birds?

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