Hotels Bathtub Refinishing is the Best Remedy For Methamphetamine Toxic Trails at Hotels and Motels

Hotels Bathtub Refinishing is the Best Remedy For Methamphetamine Toxic Trails at Hotels and Motels

Hotels bathtub refinishing is helping hotels re-glaze their bathrooms that have been contaminated by methamphetamine. Methamphetamine ‘chemists’ have been secretly converting hundreds of hotel and motel rooms into covert drug labs. Hotels have become an attractive place for meth “cooks” to slip in, cook their meth while leaving behind toxic trail that lurks on counter-tops, carpets, appliances, walls, sinks and bathtubs. Because hotels can be found in all cities, that is why meth labs can be set up in almost any hotel in a short period of time. That is why meth labs have spread in recent years from the West Coast and Southwest and deep into Midwest states like Indiana and Kentucky.

Many hotels rooms are converted to “meth labs” on the go.The clandestine labs in hotel rooms is not limited to pop and mom motels. They are increasingly found in chain hotels that cater to business people and vacationers. The reason why hotels have become a place of choice for clandestine drug lab is convenience.

According to Dr. Sullivan Smith, director of emergency services at Cookeville Regional Medical Center in north-central Tennessee, “They can seize the trailer or seize your house, but they cannot seize a hotel room.” The D.E.A. reported finding evidence of drug making in 1789 motel and hotel rooms in the past five years.

What to Look for if you are Buying a Hotel Property or Renting a Hotel Room:

Many unsuspecting citizens rent or buy properties that were once used for clandestine methamphetamine production. The important things to know are:

* Carpets, walls, furniture, draperies and etc., may harbor gases or residue which can be harmful if not toxic

* People who have rented or bought these contaminated properties have reported a number of chronic ailments

* Be careful if you move into a contaminated hotel. Your personal belongings may become contaminated by the toxic fumes.

* If you find signs that the room was used to manufacture meth, leave the room immediately and report it to the hotel manager. Do not under any circumstances touch, move, or pick up anything that looks suspicious!

What hotel guests need to look for in rooms:

1. Acid burns on a hotel room floor.

2. Labs in a cabinet.

3. Smoke detector is in the cabinet rather than on the ceiling.

4. Kitty litter in hotel room used to trap poisonous gases from meth manufacturing.

5. Check mattress for signs of kitty litter, trash bags or anything else that shouldn’t be there. If you find anything, leave the room immediately!

6. Look for discoloration of surfaces.

7. Yellow discoloration is from Iodine staining and Hydrochloric acid gas generated during the “cooking” process.

8. Check for any discoloration on the walls. Look behind the pictures for staining.

Symptons of meth exposure

* Eye and skin irritation

* Vomiting

* Rashes

* Asthma problems and other respiratory issues.

Hotels bathtub replacement can cost up to $2000 on its own because the walls have to be torn out before the bathtub is removed. Then plumbers and tile setters have to be brought in. On the other hand, a bathtub can be refinished for about 20{363bd2a98d15c88227082edbeda0d5f103110265c93869472e5f1256b705561e} the cost of tub replacement. The bathtub is prepared, primed and finally, top coating is applied, leaving a beautiful gloss finish. For hotels needing to get the hotels restored after a meth lab operation, bathtub refinishing is the best alternative to bathtub replacement. Re-glazing, covers and protects the bathtub from toxic fumes, thereby protecting hotel guests from toxic meth fumes.

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