How EFT Can Help You Travel and See the World

How EFT Can Help You Travel and See the World

Do you want to see more of the world than just your local city? The world really is full of possibilities if you’re willing to just leave your own front door. When most people think about traveling the world, they, their friends and family come up with a million reasons why they can’t or shouldn’t travel and see the world. It doesn’t have to be that way for you. Traveling is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Traveling allows you to really grow, develop and think for yourself.

Your fears about traveling can easily be overcome by using a very simple and life changing technique. What is this simple technique? It’s EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques.

How can EFT help you travel more?

Home Comfort Zone

Being at home is safe, secure and comfortable. It is what you know and trust. Most of your fears about your safety and security when in a foreign country are based on a few one-offs that you hear about in the media. Do you really know how many people fly to the countries you want to visit daily? Yet, you are letting ONE news report put you off.

Fear of Medication

If you travel to lot, you’ll eventually have to have some shots and take some tablets. Your phobic reaction to needles etc is bread and butter to EFT. Are you going to let a 1 minute event affect your next 6 months.

Language Learning

It doesn’t matter what you were like learning languages at school. It does not matter what you were told about your ability in school. This has nothing to do with you being in a foreign country and really learning and using the language first hand. You can easily use EFT to overcome your beliefs about what is possible for you and learning languages.

Fear Of It All Going Wrong

If it goes wrong for whatever reason. No worries. These things happen. Maybe you got homesick, maybe you injured yourself. Things do happen and sometimes you can’t cope and you come on home. There is no shame or guilt in that. If you’re afraid of how others will react to you coming home early. Get over it with EFT.

Talking to you as a frequent traveler. I’ll let you into a big secret. Your friends will still be there when you get back. They will still be talking about the same topics in the same places. They will not have moved on. Most of them will not have contacted you whilst you have been away. Yet, you will have grown so much, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Happy Travels

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