Is the Very Spirit of Christmas and Santa Claus Fading Away?

If you disassociate Santa Claus with Christmas, there is little left for you to rejoice. The current generation ceases to believe in any fictitious character and therefore, Christmas is nothing more than a shopping spree and munching goodies.


This generation discards everything that is a ritual. Nothing can be funnier than booing the Santa at all functions during the Christmas celebrations. Even the little ones believe that Santa Claus is fake. If the gist of Christmas celebrations are missing then there is hardly left anything in Christmas celebrations. Do we really want the children to be so ‘practical’ that they forget their innocence and the magic of Santa?

Dysfunctional Family

The very idea of doing things together on Christmas hardly exists today. Families are working in different parts of the world. Have the Christmas lunch or dinner together has been reduced to a mere formality no one is really interested in. There is a lack of personal bonding over the Christmas preparations and celebrations.

Lack Of Time During Christmas Preparation

With family members having different social life in their personal and professional segments, getting together falls flat due to lack of time. The scarcity of time due to excessive commitments has killed the pure platonic joy of Christmas.

Need To Have Personal Touch

There was a time when cakes and muffins during the Christmas were prepared at home. Massive preparations made before hand involved all the members of the family.

Pessimistic as I may seem, all is not lost, however.

Here’s What To Do

Things can be restored if efforts are made in this direction. Before the festivity starts, send flowers and a personal note this year to stir the same feelings again.

Send your family and friends bouquets of fresh cut pink and lilac orchids with a greeting card and a personal note. Nothing can be as refreshing as a bunch of calla lilies with lily casablanca which epitomizes the positive mood of Christmas.

Take time out to spend with your family. Make a vow NOW.

Get Christmas gifts for all your near and dear ones, and some for those who are not so near as well.

So make an effort to stir the emotion of ‘we feeling’ this Christmas, and you would have made a start in the right direction.

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