Kinnerasani Wild Life Sanctuary

Kinnerasani wild life sanctuary ,one of the famous sanctuaries of Andhra Pradesh located on the bank of river Godavari. This sanctuary offers a glimpse to Andhra pradesh’s wild life and bio diversity. The sanctuary is from 12 km from Paloncha in Khammam district. Covering an area of 635.4 sq- km this sanctuary forms a part of Dandakarnya forest in Khammam district.

The name “Kinnerasani” for this sanctuary derived from the river which is flowing through the sanctuary. This river makes the sanctuary into two parts and finally drains to Godavari river. The dense forest of this sanctuary is decidous mixed type with teak, bamboo, and terminals.This sanctuary houses various emergent specious of animals birds, reptiles and plants. The animals found here are black bucks, cheetal, sambars, chousinghas, wild boars, jackals, hyena, tigers, sloth bears, gaurs, wild dog, Chinkaras. The visitors can watch a variety of beautiful bird species like teals, jungle fowl, doves, peafowl, ducks, nuktas, open bill strok, spoonbills, nuktas, etc. the thick forest is also houses reptiles like python, kraite, cobra, etc.

The main attraction of this sanctuary are Kinnerasani dam and reservoir and deer park. Special specious found in the forest include Maddi, Yepi, Yegissa, Sommi Thandra, Bandaru, Amla, Mango and Tendu. The sanctuary also providesan environmental education center which provides the details about the wild life in the sanctuary.

Getting there

By road: Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 12-km from Paloncha in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh.

By rail : Nearest railway station is at Bhadrachal which is about 25-km from Kinnerasani.

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