Learn How to Play Each City in Mafia Wars

Learn How to Play Each City in Mafia Wars

When learning how to play Mafia Wars, undoubtedly one of the very most popular games on Facebook, the equally popular social networking site, you will soon discover that successfully dominating each city is vital to proceed. As all Mafia Wars game guides will explain in greater detail, each city consists of separate job tiers that must be mastered to proceed.

As thousands of new people learn how to play Mafia Wars for the first time, joining the ranks of the millions who already log on each day, they will soon discover that they will gain the ability to travel from city to city completing various jobs, earning money, and building an empire as they advance further in the game.

But, instead of reading through lengthy Mafia Wars games guides yourself, here is a helpful breakdown of all the cities you will encounter in the game and everything you need to know about each of them.

New York City

The underworld of New York City is where it all begins for players in Mafia Wars and this is the most important city of all to master in the game. The sooner you master all of the job tiers in New York, the sooner you will receive valuable rewards that will quickly help your character to learn how to play Mafia Wars.

Although the loot gained in New York City is not quite as valuable as you will find when traveling elsewhere throughout the game, each tier of jobs contains boss fights, in which special rewards are earned when the boss is defeated along with chances to loot goods.


After reaching Level 35 and gaining the rank of Consigliere the Godfather will unlock and allow for travel to the city of Cuba enabling you to complete jobs there which will continue on until Level 185. When first discovering how to play Mafia Wars, many users forget they will need different currency after traveling on to Cuba, the Peso, yet another a realistic touch to the game.

In Cuba there are more than forty additional job tiers to master, 52 different types of armor, vehicles and weapons to obtain along with six new businesses for purchase. In Cuba there are no properties to worry about building, but instead you will be responsible for building upgradeable businesses and collecting your earnings.

While the jobs in Cuba are more challenging than they were in New York City, the rewards here on the island are also greater than they were back in the States.


In the old city of Moscow, Mafia Wars players will be faced with six new job tiers each consisting of three levels to complete and it is there where they will be rewarded with some of the most effective weapons.

Upon your arrival in Moscow you must choose which of the two rival groups who compete for power that you would like to join, either the Vory, the old guards of the Russian underworld, or Zakone and the ruthless Russian Mafiya,. There are, of course, consequences that come with each choice but you can choose one side for the first level of the game and change to the rival group for the second, and then choose whichever you like best for the third level once unlocked.

In Moscow, there are a total of six different Vault Collections for players to collect. And although there are also no properties available to build in the city, there are various types of businesses to collect upon and all currency used here is the Russian Ruble.


As you learn more about how to play Mafia Wars you will travel on further in the underworld to the capital city of Thailand, colorful Bangkok. And again, you must choose between two sides that are battling for power, either the Chinese Triads or their rivals, the Japanese Yakuza. But first, you must find the gold elephant icon while doing jobs in New York City for a chance to loot four hidden items that will unlock access to the city.

For many decades the Triads and the Yakuza have fought relentlessly for control over the lucrative criminal world that exists in Bangkok and in order to succeed there, you must choose one faction or the other to side with. In turn, you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts with a variety of hidden loot items to help you along the way after doing jobs such as smuggling valuable Thai gems or successfully breaking into an Asian museum.

The Soon to be Released Las Vegas

According to countless Mafia Wars game guides and insiders, sometime soon during 2010, Zynga, the makers of the addictive game, will be releasing access to Las Vegas, allowing players to travel to the western portion of the U.S. in what has been fondly called Sin City.

The city of Vegas is notorious for being one of the hubs of the underworld and players will more than likely be involved in a number of exciting casino heists and similar, dangerous criminal activities.

By methodically making your way through these very different cities of the game and mastering the jobs required of you, you will soon learn how to play Mafia Wars like a pro.

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