Maldives – The Best Place for Scuba Diving

Maldives – The Best Place for Scuba Diving

Maldives is a dream holiday destination with numerous top class attractions. With its charming sandy beaches and pristine lagoons, Maldives is known to drown many a travellers in its incredible beauty! Lofty palm trees lining the beaches, vibrant coral reefs adorning the clear lagoons along with most astonishing resorts complete the wonderful picture!

Each Maldivian island is a holiday resort in itself and is dedicated to make your holidays in Maldives something spectacular and memorable! It is a little wonder that flights to Maldives are hugely popular among leisure travelers around the world, and cheap flights to Maldives are something that cause almost frenzy among holiday makers!

Every Maldivian island is blessed with a shallow and large lagoon and with few of them bestowed with a house reef that guards the islands from the enormous waves originating from the ocean. The reefs make water around the islands a natural swimming pool with varied depths making it appropriate for all kinds and levels of swimmers. The shallow waters are perfect for families with kids to enjoy. However the reefs are much more than swimming heavens, they are host to a various species of live corals and tropical fishes!

Maldives’s Diving Scene

Whether you wish to snorkel around or hope to catch a closer look at the marine life by underwater diving, the Maldivian resorts will provide you with all facilities and equipment. If you fancy yourself as a bit of daredevil or an adventurer, the opportunities are just a jump away from your resorts! Delve into the waters to experience the horizon of the sea, and explore the beauty of a variety of corals and the overwhelming fauna that festoon the reef!

Many of the island nation’s diving sites can be explored from the resorts themselves or through diving safari trips. Most of the diving sites in the country are more likely to be found in the in the shallower reefs around the islands. However, some best diving spots are to be found in the crowd of channels that are created by the Maldives’ exceptional ecological formations.

What Makes Maldives Probably the Best Diving Paradise in the World?

Many believe that Maldives is perhaps the best diving spot around the world, and it really will be something to contradict this belief! The mesmerizing underwater life is the biggest reason tickets on cheap flights to Maldives sell like hot cakes. The reefs are brimming with an array of species of tropical fish – perhaps more than anywhere else found in the world. Each and every Maldivian resort is fully equipped to let you play out your scuba diving fantasies. Resorts feature dining centers along with regular dive excursion schedules. Diving centers offer courses ranging from fun diving to open-water training to professional diving. Even night time diving can be arranged for travelers under the guidance of expert diving instructors.

With scuba diving being the most significant recreational activity undertaken by the tourists visiting Maldives, a host of diving sites have been declared as protected ones. Each of the sites is a top notch diving spot that have the potential of spellbinding even the diving instructors who visit them daily! Grab flights to Maldives and experience the finest of marine life!

Diving Season in Maldives

Maldives is a major scuba diving destination all year round but the period between November to May is considered to be the best time for confirmed live-aboard departures. Travellers who choose to visit outside this period are less likely to land up with a departure date that suits their schedule. However, those looking for cheap airlines to Maldives during the peak season must plan early and book cheap tickets on airlines well in advance.

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