Manuel Antonio Costa Rica – A Gifted Place With Natural Abundance

National Park: A visit in Manuel Antonio cannot be thought of without a trip to the ‘Manuel Antonio National Park’. It is one of the Costa Rica’s most visited national parks. So, you may have to elbow your way in order to see the tree-swinging monkeys or the vegetation poking anteaters. You can go early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

Beaches: The beaches of this place are famous all over the world. The place is a great attraction for those people who love to take a dip into the sky-blue water and plunge into the adrenaline rising water activities. It has four beaches, namely, Espadilla, Playita, Manuel Antonio, and Escondido. Visitors can pass a good time by diving and snorkeling in the water. The warm water of the Caribbean coast and the abundance of coral reefs are ideal for snorkelers.

Rafting in Rivers: Manuel Antonio has two rivers called Naranjo and Savegre near it. These two rivers are perfect places for white water rafting. One of the most convenient spots for taking rafting trips is Quepos. It is a good spot to spend a full day on water.

Hiking: A walk from the sandy bridge to Punta Cathedral will give you an unforgettable hiking experience with a breathtaking Pacific views. The park has several walking trails. Pick any of the tracks for hiking and you may confront ocelots, sloths, caiman, and even the endangered squirrel monkeys on your way. You can see birds in every color and shape that one can imagine.

Marine Life: The marine life of Manuel Antonio is overflowing with diverse and huge number of water creatures. Besides various types of fishes, dolphins and whales are also available.

Accommodations: This place is so serene and pristine that you may think it to be detached from the outside world. However, upscale Manuel Antonio hotels and restaurants are located in the folds of hills. Within the compounds of these hotels, you will have the taste of exquisite Costa Rican cuisine, lush nightlife, and comfortable accommodations within suitable budgets. In fact, the tourists do not have to face any lacking of modern and luxurious facilities in these hotels. They offer the amenities of exclusive beach, pool, fitness center, spa salon, restaurants, etc. In addition, these hotels offer packages of tours and trips that tourists can enjoy at moderate budgets. Visitors can easily choose the package, suites, and services that suit their budgets.

The best time to visit Manuel Antonio is between November and May. However, if you are a nature lover and want to enjoy the lush greenery, you had better choose the rainy season. The monsoon period will also save your wallet, as only a few numbers of tourists pick that season to visit there.

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