Mt Tamalpais – A Great Place For Hiking, Biking and Recreation

Mt Tamalpais has been a regular place for hiking, biking and recreation. There are lots to do and see in this popular vacation spot.

Many people who go to the Bay area like to hike or picnic in Mt Tamalpais State Park and other areas around the mountain. There is a lot to see and it is a popular place for weddings and recreation.

Depending on what you like you can see a variety of scenic spots as you hike or bike around the area. If you enjoy flora and fauna there is a lot to see. As an example, you will see many different types of trees including redwoods, oak savannah and madrone. If you are on the lookout for fauna you might catch a glimpse of a spider or a bat or two or at night you might have a mole scurry across your path.

Mt Tam as it is called by the locals is actually one of the last wildlife refuges maintained in the Bay area so you may even see an endangered species. You will also see many birds. If you are traveling along the coastal line of the bay area, depending on when you go, you can look out into the ocean and see different types of whales.

There are lots of trails for both hiking and biking on Mt Tam because it has a very connected road and trail system. Besides hikers and bikers you will also see horseback riding, picnicking and you will see both road and mountain biking. There are some trails that are closed to bikers now but the fire roads are usually open to mountain biking.

When you want to get out of the everyday hub-bub of the urban areas, you can take a bike ride or a hike into one of the undeveloped areas or natural lands where you can just get away from it all.

You will have scenic views if you go along the ridge top or mountaintop trials that take you to higher elevations. You can still take valley trails that will take you past the redwoods or shrub lands and no matter what direction you go there will be something to see.

Some couples have found a great scenic spot for a wedding while they are traveling on bikes up the mountain. Popular sites include the Mountain Home Inn in Mill Valley Trojan Point or The Amphitheater; all three have beautiful scenic views.

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