Rare Blue Moon Halloween October 31, 2020

Rare Blue Moon Halloween October 31, 2020

We have a rare magical Blue Moon coming on Halloween October 31, 2020! Grandmother Moon will deliver her wisdom and guiding light. It will be in the sign of Taurus so it’s definitely a time of action. Not necessarily physical action, but spiritual action.

Halloween is often associated with Full Moons and spooky spirits, but it’s not often that a full moon actually happens on the holiday. How rare is this Blue Full Moon? A Halloween full Moon hadn’t appeared for everyone in all time zones since 1944!

This Full Moon is not about witchcraft or ghosts, but its here to help you advance in your personal and spiritual life. I am going to help you to understand why in this article/video.

Halloween 2020 is going to be one for the history (and astrology) books! Not only will we experience the annual “Hunters Moon” on October 1, but we’ll also be treated to a spiritual sky on Halloween night.

A full moon on Halloween only happens once in a blue moon-every 18 to 19 years, to be exact. For this reason, when a full moon lands on October 31, Halloween spiritual and astrology lovers near and far get pretty excited. When you look at the Full Moon on Halloween night, it won’t appear blue in color but you’ll be looking at something pretty uncommon. This, of course, means that Halloween 2020 is about to be one of the best Halloweens to date.

I consider Halloween to be a very special time of year because of the opportunity to connect with the spirit world. I’m not talking about connecting with deceased loved ones. I’m talking about connecting to all that is holy and mighty. I treat it as a sacred time and always do something for myself and others on this night. No, I do not dress up in costumes or attend gatherings. Instead I go within and see what beautiful messages are going to be given to me and for the benefit of others.

There’s no better way to celebrate October and all of its spirituality than by kicking off and ending the month with a full moon. Where the first of the month, October 1, will witness a stunning Hunters Moon, the 31st will see its first Halloween Blue Moon since 2001. Needless to say, you won’t want to miss it. After all, the next time you can expect a full moon on Halloween is in 2039!

Great fortune is going to be abundant during this special full Moon and Halloween also known as Samhain. The energy that has been pouring out this year has been incredibly strong, and very emotionally trying and this Full Moon will be important for you and what’s going on for the rest of Your 2020.

The Blue Moon is shrouded in mystery, magic and folklore, perhaps because it only appears once every 2.7 years. The very term “blue moon” is over 400 years old when Shakespeare first wrote the words “blue moon” to mean rare or absurd. The rarity of a full moon appearing twice in one month, or a third full moon appearing in an astronomical season with four full moons versus the normal three, must have inspired the great playwright to coin the term.

The term ‘once in a blue Moon’ means that that something is very rare. But just how rare, depends on your definition and what you are feeling.

The Blue Moon has been considered fortunate, something to celebrate, and a perfect time to start a long-term goal or make plans for the future. This Blue Moon, occurring on Halloween, when the spiritual veil between our two worlds is the thinnest, marks a time of tremendous positive growth in your personal life.

This is the perfect night to let me take you personally into the Spirit World through my ‘Guided Journey Into Spirit’ and you can talk directly with your deceased loved ones. Remember the spirit world joins with us on Halloween and this is the most powerful night of the year for me to work with you and help you communicate with your loved ones.

The Blue Moon is usually prime time for prayers, rituals, ceremonies, and protection. It’s also a good time to perform ceremonies to attract a new job, healings, love, legal undertakings, money and dreams. Whether you can see the Full Blue Moon or not remember the power of the Moon is still penetrating your spirit. So do whatever you feel is sacred to you on this special night. Feel free to howl at the Blue Moon inside your home.

Before this October 31 Blue Moon you may be feeling incredible heightened emotions. You’ll find yourself sensing things that you have not felt for a long time. Be aware that we are being influenced by the cosmic weather. This is a wonderful time to increase your personal spiritual growth. So many elements and spiritual guides are going to be working with you during this rare Halloween Blue Moon.
So if you are a little agitated in October, let it pass without lashing out at someone or something you will later feel sadness over. Stay in your own space three days before the Blue Moon and three days afterwards and contemplate the bigger picture of your life.

So if you are looking to improve your luck or to finish a long-term goal, this is the time to get things done! This full moon is a lucky one and the beginning of a great new journey for you!

This Blue Moon is calling for you to do the following:
• Reset your emotions
• Clear away emotional baggage
• Tap into your Higher Self
• Call on all that is Holy to be with you.
• Connect with your angels.
• Let go of this past year.

Because you will be in touch with your own needs and intentions, you will clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony

A Blue Moon is rare and if you are finding yourself at a crossroads in life, now would be the perfect time to get Spiritual Advice to help you on your path. The energies that are lining up for this rare Halloween Blue Moon are going to be astounding, therefore it makes perfect sense to find out what is ahead for you this last part of the year.

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