Romantic Spots in Mexico

Are you eager to go off on an exclusive romantic holiday with your loved one and be pampered like royalty, all without spending a fortune? It’s not that hard to imagine, especially if you’re planning on going for a vacation in Mexico. From its pure white sand beaches, to its mesmerizing shopping districts and quaint street markets; from exploring its ancient historical landmarks to diving into their thriving nightlife and discos, there is something in Mexico for people of all tastes.

Take Acapulco, for instance. Known worldwide as the number one tourist and celebrity destination for beautiful beaches, Acapulco boasts a wide variety of resorts that, despite the increase in population during the summer months, manages to remain sequestered and maintain that alluring air of privacy. Some of the more beautiful spots tend to be less accessible; the Coyuca lagoon can only be reached via motorboat, but boasts some of the more scenic views of the sea. Puerto Marques is another secluded spot with considerably less people to provide some level of intimacy, and the Playa la Angosta is renowned for its cliff diving show, where brave men line up to dive from a high cliff into the rocky waters below, for fun.

Hotels around these areas can cost anywhere from the budget-minded $47 to a little over $100 per night, depending on the type of hotel you choose to stay in. Most of these hotels tend to stay near the bay area; for those who prefer staying a little closer to the beachfront, most resorts can cost anywhere between $100 or higher per night.

The Yucatan Peninsula is another popular tourist spot and an ideal place for a quiet romantic getaway. With so many resorts to choose from, it also provides not only for a beautiful panoramic view of beaches and tranquil sunsets, but it is also a historical site where the Mayan civilization once flourished. Cozumel, located at the eastern tip of the peninsula, is also considered one of the most affordable, yet most romantic places couples can travel to. Couples who love marine life would be delighted at the many underwater activities that can be done in this area, including scuba diving and snorkeling. It also offers cozy daytime tours to ancient Mayan sites and monuments, for those seeking something different. Hotel resorts can range anywhere from $110 to upwards of $250 a night.

Spa vacations are at times just as romantic as beach getaways. Not only do the close, relaxing spa centers feel intimate and cozy, but spas help revitalize and improve one’s health. Spa centers can be located almost anywhere in Mexico; in the heart of bustling cities such as the Mision del Sol spa in Mexico City, beside historical sites, or even along beaches, and uses treatments such as fango (volcanic mud), native herbal wraps, and a sweat lodge technique called Temaxcal. A spa package only usually costs about $1500 or lower in Mexico, which is only half of what it costs than in the United States.

For the ultimate experience and if you have more money to spare, the Mayakoba, only 40 minutes from Cancun, is fast becoming a popular destination as well. Literally the “city on water”, most of the city can only be reached via water taxis. Sporting a beautifully original golf course, Mayakoba also has a series of interconnected resorts via large water canals that allow for both privacy and comfort amidst a natural environment. Rates cost upwards of $360, but the unique setting and service more than makes up for the costs.

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