Safari in Corbett: A Wildlife Adventure of a Lifetime

Safari in Corbett: A Wildlife Adventure of a Lifetime

Enjoying a Safari is a very pleasant experience, but a Safari in the Corbett National Park is an experience to remember and cherish throughout the rest of your life. The Corbett Safaris have been designed and customized in a unique pattern to provide the tourists the maximum amount of exposure and satisfaction. The participators in the safaris are bound to feel like living in the natural environment amidst the wild animals.

The Safaris in Corbett can be categorized under these sections: Jeep Safari, Canter Safari and Elephant Safari. These are carried out under the guidance of experienced and authorized officials at different zones inside the national park. A few popular zones for enjoying wildlife safaris are: Bijrani, Durga Devi, Dhikala and Jhirna.


There are authorized gypsy cars allotted for this purpose. No visitors are allowed to drive their personal cars or vehicles inside the territory for safety reasons, so one must book a Jeep/gypsy car to enjoy the Jeep Safari in the Corbett Park. These are available at the Jhirna, Bijrani and Durgadevi Gates of the Park. One has to register at the Park’s Ramnagar office for such Jeep Safaris and to enter into the forest area. Travelling and getting a chance to enjoy nature’s bliss on a 4X4 Jeep is something that refreshes the human mind. The Jeeps follow and run on the specific trails maintained for the purpose of safaris which take the visitors to the deepest areas and tough terrains. However, off track safaris are not allowed for the safety reasons and no safari is allowed after the sun has set.


It is a very thrilling and wonderful way of exploring the wildlife and discovering the unknown things of the jungle. The Elephant Safari is an ideal way to explore the forest because an elephant can go into those parts of the forest where a Jeep can’t enter. Moreover, an elephant makes no noise, so it can go closer to the animals in the wild and hence the visitor is able to get a better view of them. The zones for suitable Elephant Safaris at Corbett Park are Dhikala, and Bijrani. However, it can also be done in Buffer zone at Kumeria and Ringoda. If you want to have some unforgettable memories for a lifetime, and you are adventurous enough, then Elephant Safari is the right choice for you.


This is another popular way to explore and discover the mysteries of the forest. Canter Safaris are available in the Dhikala Zone and it is a must to do if the visitor is not getting accommodation in a Forest Rest house. One should book for Canter Safaris at the Ramnagar office. They are operated twice a day and the season is from November till June. The authorities take utmost care so that the canter safaris are a joy ride throughout. Since the number of seats is limited, it is recommended that one should book Canter Safaris in advance.

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