South America Travel Destination, Information, and Places to See

South America is located in the southern hemisphere in between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. All the land that is south of the Panama Canal is considered South America. It stretches 6.9 million square miles long which makes it the fourth largest continent in the world. It covers around 4 percent of the earth’s surface. About 380 million people reside in South America which makes it the fifth post populated continent in the world.

Actually, South America was named after the Western Amerigo Vespucci, which was an Italian Merchant. He was the guy that suggested the landmass was not to be included as part of the East Indies. As an interesting writer, Vespucci went under the alias “Americus Vespucci” when he was writing. His philosophy caused a lot of controversy and the new landmass discovered by Europeans was given a female version of his pen name and named it America

Argentina and Brazil are the largest countries (that’s if you are measuring by size, Brazil is the largest). Between the two, Argentina has been historically wealthier up to the 21st century when the economic crisis occurred which really devalued the country’s wealth. South America is filled with natural resources. The Amazon basin is the place of several resources which includes undiscovered medical plants. Iron and copper is found all over the land South America as well as the oil reserves which is mostly in Venezuela.

With a vibrant culture,very interesting history, great climates, breath-taking landscapes, and wonderful people, it’s no wonder that Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries. It is estimated the over 200 million people live in Brazil today. Brazil stretches over 8, 514, 877 sq km and is the home of the Amazon Rain forest. One of the places to visit is located southwest of Rio de Janeiro is Angra dos Reis. Angra dos Reis is known for its coastline which includes the Bay of Ilha Grande and contains 360 islands. Another travel destination in South America is Iguassu Falls which is found on the border of the State of Parana. There are over 270 waterfalls that divide Argentina and Brazil.

Located northwest of Manaus, Brazil is the Amazon’s largest eco-friendly hotel resort built at the tree top of the Amazon River which is called Ariau Amazon Towers.

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