Spring Break Vacations in the USA

Spring break is a week-long recess from studying in early spring at universities and schools in the United States and the dates range from the end of February to mid April, but many schools are out for at least one of the weeks in March.

Every year, when March rolls around, the foremost thing on the minds of most college students is the coming spring break. This is the one vacation where students don’t have to return home to their families. Instead, friends get together to decide where they can go to blow off some steam from midterms before preparing themselves for the end of the school year.

Taking a spring break trip is like a rite of passage for many college students. They’ve just made it through winter and are approaching the end of another semester and for them real fun starts when the sun goes down. This is when the night clubs, restaurants and bars start to open up and the wild and crazy nightlife begins. These night time activities are probably what spring break is most famous for and is the focus of many TV shows and movies.

The weather too has finally starting to warm up, which makes spring break a great time for a variety of different locations and activities. From skiing in Aspen to lounging on the beaches in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami or the Florida Keys, spring break offers college students a plethora of travel options.

If you want an active spring break trip then skiing or snowboarding is a great option. Sailing is another fun thing to do, if you know how. You could rent a boat for a full day and head out onto the ocean to fish or just relax and sunbathe.

The beautiful beaches of Florida come to mind for most people when the words “spring break” is mentioned. Visions of dancing the night away in a South Florida club, relaxing and partying on the warm sandy beaches is the promise of absolute heaven for most students. It’s hard to go wrong when choosing a beach destination and there are many to choose from including the beaches of Southern California, South Florida and of course the infamous Mexican hot spots such as Cancun and Cabo San Lucas.

Many students opt to travel internationally for spring break, although, one week might not be enough time to really see places like Southeast Asia or Australia, but a trip to South America or Europe is certainly feasible.

Staying in an up market hotel or luxury vacation rentals will definitely not be an option for most students, but there are plenty of end-of-the-season deals to be had and, since they will be staying through the middle of the week, they should get good rates on a place to stay. Also, by traveling in groups, students can help keep their travel expenses to a minimum by sharing rooms, gas, rentals and other related costs.

To a lot of students, and the parents of the younger students who take their children on vacation for spring break, Florida is like paradise. There are so many adventures and activities there, that there never seems to be enough hours in the day to see and do it all. When nighttime rolls around, these active families usually can’t wait to hit their hotel room and fall asleep, resting up for the next day’s adventure.

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