Thanksgiving Day – Exclusive Gifts to Make the Thanksgiving Day Memorable

Gifts, as Pablo Picasso said are the essence of human emotions. Here are some unique gifting options to impress your guests on this Thanksgiving Day, taking them into a sentimental journey.

Go Green

You can make the most of your creative skills and do your bit for the environment as well by making candles at home. Candles are symbolic of positive aura. Since the occasion is all about coming together, a homemade candle would serve the dual purpose of an elegant gift option that is environment friendly to boot.

Creative Cookies

You can specially prepare cookies in different flavors and shapes. This gift is ideal for kids who love the idea for receiving yummy gifts. For people who are closer to you tarts are ideal gifts.

Say It With Flowers

You can give away a special bouquet of flowers along with a handmade greetings card. Keep your hands on orchids as they are considered to be beautiful and fragile. Besides, lilies are another good option to go for other than the all time favorite roses. While picking up the flowers, ensure that the flowers stay fresh for longer hours. Phlox and bunch of peony with some olive twigs are ideal. Try to go for bright flowers that will add glam to the party.

Drinking To Glory

Wine connoisseurs love nothing more than a bottle of exotic wine. You can gift elderly members a bottle of exotic wine. The pink and flavored ones are passé. Play safe and stick to the conventional good old red wine. Besides, you can write a small thank you note on the bottom of the bottle.

Do not forget to tie a ribbon on the cork neck of the bottle to indicate which one is a gift.

Special Poems For The Soothing Effect

Words have a special essence in life. On such an occasion as important as Thanksgiving Day, you can express your gratitude by writing a poem dedicated to the person concerned. You can also read it aloud during the post dinner chit-chat. Ensure that the content is not controversial or overtly emotional keeping in mind the jovial mood.

Stir up your grey cells and get going with the occasion of Thanksgiving Day to celebrate together!

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