The Mysterious Markawazi Stone Forest

Known as a place existing outside of the boundaries of time, the mysterious Markawasi Stone Forest rises majestically 12,800 feet above the world on the western Andean ridge; lying at its base along the Pacific coastline is the city of Lima, Peru. Punctuating the ancient landscape of this three-mile long, tabletop mountain are massive carved effigies, including curious replicas of unknown human races and long-extinct animals. Among the effigies may be found mind-boggling images of winged sphinxes, elephants, camels, and animals which are unknown to this age and continent. With its sixteen carved faces of the Races of Man, the massive Monument to Humanity stands out as the most spectacular and prominent structure, dominating the landscape.

Who were the builders of this phenomenal site?

Scholars of ancient Andean mysteries believe the sculpted Peruvian plateau predates the Pre-ceramic Period of Peru and the great dynastic periods of Egypt, yet holds a direct link to the Isis Mysteries. How is this possible? With its mysterious and stunning monuments emulating, among other things, Egyptian deities, and with its claims of spontaneous healings, plus recorded testimony of ultra-dimensional visitors, the mysterious plateau is believed to be the remnant of a proto-historical culture previous to the Great Flood. Cocooned in oblivion for eons, and sculpted into the ancient landscape by a mysterious lost humanity, the Markawasi Stone Forest has reawakened at this pivotal moment in history.

Markawasi details the true account of an ancient, lost humanity of mysterious origin, whose hidden legacy carved gigantic, towering, stone monuments, pointing to a message with predictions for the future. First discovered by Daniel Ruzo in 1952, who excitedly pronounced it the most important sculptured work existing on the earth today, and soaring high above the Pacific coast on the western-most ridge of the Peruvian Andes, directly above Lima, Peru, Markawasi was virtually unknown to the English-speaking world a decade ago. Readers will undertake a journey through the pages of Markawasi, connecting the clues and evidence of a technologically and culturally-advanced civilization that held the keys to all human knowledge.

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