Trekking – Travel to Find Yourself

ICE (information, communication, and entertainment) Age bestows good times, nurturing the global socializing, defying the time zone differences. As a result, individuality, honesty, a non-judgmental approach, expression, and exploration are the beautiful takeaways. We are growing fearless, in the right way. Say hello to the ‘global’ ‘YOLO’ generation believing in You Only Live Once! The dare and not the age is the identifier here. Aptly enough, adventure activities are ‘the’ core friend, philosopher, and guide of these adventure enthusiasts. Helping us inch closer to the nature and in turn life, adventure pursuits inculcate the values of adjustment and co-existence. Trekking is the starting point of this self-conclave at the physical, mental, and emotional level. Fitness is a beautiful side effect of this.

What is a trek?

A trek is a combination of walking and hiking through a terrain with varied ascents and descents punctuating it. Ranging from a day to multi-day trips, trek patches are remote or rural areas, inaccessible through transportation. Going unreachable is exactly the pull force for the trekkers.

Why the ‘YOLO’ Generation takes risk?

The enthusiasm of seeing the challenging, but virgin, beautiful lands, ‘enjoying’ the glories of the day & the fears of the night, ‘discovering’ your abilities, appreciating human connect & help, learning the magnitude & the magnanimity of Mother Nature, graduating your thresholds, and endorsing ‘you only live once,’ trekking is inherently addictive. Undertaking calculated physical risks opens your mental boundaries and makes you emotionally even. Fitness is a beautiful side effect here. The clarity as a person helps you deal with life at all levels, both personal & professional. You understand higher the risk, better the returns. That is the reason we see excellence redefined in relationships, humanity, art, science, and commerce!

Who can trek?

Based on the terrain’s physical features and climate, a trek has three levels: easy, moderate, difficult. Opt for a grade depending on your experience and ability to cope. Kids up to 12 years or those physically on the weaker side should begin ideally with easy treks. Those fit and setting out first can begin directly from the moderate level. Your adventure professional is the best guide here, since it is about your overall health. Going wrong here is not worth the risk.

Whom should you trek with?

Well, obviously friends or the people you can go string free with. Timing the travel, sticking to the schedule, acclimatizing, moral boosting (very important, because at a point you do feel like giving up), and gearing for the unforeseen situations like injury, adverse climate, are some essentials of trekking. With high-grade preparatory investment involved, it is surely best packaged with an adventure professional. Just focus on inventing yourself. Open up. You are about to change for good. Just have the ‘courage’ to let go and find the incredible you!

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