True Masaai Culture

True Masaai Culture

Because of their unique way of civilization and dressing style, they stay in several entertainment places of east part of Africa. This tribe is most familiar among the African groups. Maa is the common language spoken by this group. The total Masai populations who speak such languages are around 900,000 when it is estimated. These language speakers are situated in Kenya as well as Tanzania.

Lots of people travel a long way to reach Masai Manyatta just to get pleasure for a day or two. These masains believe and worship god Engai. The people have assumption that their god live on a mountain. This mountain is in Serengeti of Tanzania. The religious chief who performs extraordinary prayers and sacraments at the times of nature disaster is called Laibon. He acts as a transmitter in between God and people.

The dead bodies should not be buried according to the Masai tradition. They think that decayed body pollutes the soil. Those dead bodies are thrown away to the scavengers. This particular burial ceremony could bring pleasure for the religious chief. Suppose the scavengers do not eat those dead bodies, people believe that it is a very bad sign for the village. So they consequently decorate the body out of animal’s blood in order to attract the jackals and other ferocious animals.

At the end, the main intension of the people is that dead body should be eaten by some animals.

On the other hand, the society does not accept the new born babies. The reason behind this practice is the death rate of infants is very high in Africa.

If the baby manages to survive for three months, later the baby was named and completely taken into the community. When boys attain their teen-ages they are initiated to become warriors. This group of warriors is known as Morans. The ceremony conducted during this time is very painful. The particular ritual is performed once in every fifteen years.

Even adolescent girls has to undergo the ritual called (FGC) F-Female G-Genital C-Cutting. This practice is strongly criticized by the women who undergo this ceremony.

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