What Can We Look Forward To In Travel

It’s always fun trying to guess what the future may bring, especially when it comes to a topic like travel. Traveling is something that all of us look forward to, sometimes for months and even years in advance. But, what could be in store for the travel industry in general? Will the way we travel change, and how? What new destinations will we explore next?

The sharing economy has definitely disrupted the travel industry! Websites like Airbnb and HomeAway, accommodation sharing peer-to-peer services, are huge! You can get the hotel-like features while enjoying the local and authentic, for less! You can also rent cars through car-renting services, and for a unique experience of the destination, let the locals be your tour guides! When you get hungry, you can book a local amateur or professional chef who will host you in his private dining room.

At the same time, hotels are pulling back on things that we used to take for granted, like room service. Hotel fees and surcharges will continue to rise: you might be charged for early check-in, early departure, baggage holding, and more! Maybe that’s one of the reasons travelers have begun avoiding hotel accommodations, instead opting for vacation rentals.

For those on the other side of the spectrum – with a lot of money to spend on travel – the new frontiers, unimaginable till now, are opening up! With Virgin Galactic, the space can indeed become the final frontier to travel to for a wannabe-astronaut. You get to float in zero gravity for a few minutes, and party with Richard Branson afterward!

And for the rest of us – some new, previously inaccessible or unattractive destinations have begun to pop up on our travel radars. Have you considered Zimbabwe? An expanded international airport and renovated hotels are making the Victoria Falls region more accessible to the average traveler.

South America is in! Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup – a great excuse to visit this country either for the first time, or once more! For those put off by the high prices in Rio, or simply not the football fans – Peru is the newest Latin America’s dream destination, especially for foodies. They will not hesitate to travel to places as diverse as Lima, Copenhagen or Georgia to experience authentic regional food and wine. Will travel for food!

River cruises are trendy! European river cruises are gaining momentum and are expected to explode this year. On the other side of the world, the Panama Canal is celebrating its 100th birthday this year – why not join the celebration and book a Panama cruise.

It is probably the beginning of a new trend: some airlines have decided to allow the use of personal electronic devices not only during take-off and landing, but throughout the flight. Smartphone addicts rejoice! Soon, you will also be able to check-in by sending a text message, and use your smartphone as a room key in a hotel.

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