Why Staying in a Florida Villa is so Much Better Than a Motel

Why on earth would you stay in a Motel when:

  • Its also far cheaper – 2 rooms sleeping 8 in a 3* motel in March can cost you £134/$240 per night Need I say more?
  • A vacation rental has all the space you could want as well as a wonderful, private, pool which your family can enjoy in privacy, comfort and peace!
  • A vacation rental has much more personal space which is invaluable on holiday!
  • All the extras that you find missing from an hotel are here – no embarrassing trip down the hall for ice
  • Eating in is so easy, flexible and inexpensive. The place becomes yours for the whole vacation – a real home from home.

That’s why more and more people are staying in florida vacation villa homes. Its because they make sense for a family. They don’t all stay in one room at home so why would they want to do that during the holiday of a lifetime?

Florida villas have unique advantages for the family. There’s a fully equipped kitchen for your convenience. That means choice! At the end of a hard day at the attractions, it can be a pain to go out to find a meal – why not order pizza delivery or pull a standby meal from the freezer?

There’s also a washer and dryer to deal with the inevitable spills and dirty clothing saving all the stress of what to dress the kids in for the last few days of the vacation!

We’ve set higher standards than you’ll find in properties managed by a tour or management company. Our villas are furnished to our personal taste rather that by getting a contractor to fill it with the cheapest furniture pack available. That means comfortable beds, good quality fixtures and fittings and tasteful decoration including original art.

So if you value space and, don’t want to have to fight anyone (apart from your own family) for the sun lounger of your choice, have to choice of multiple TV’s to watch (after losing the fight for the last sun lounger), consider a Florida villa or vacation rental. Its a far better choice!

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